Why the right Fly Fishing Clothing is important for any trip

Posted: Nov 03 2013

Why the Right Fly Fishing Clothing is Important for any trip

When considering taking up fly fishing, having the correct outfit is not normally at the forefront of one’s mind.  However, having the right fly fishing clothing is just as important as purchasing any other fly fishing equipment in order to get the most possible enjoyment from the sport.  Having the right clothing is imperative for a number of reasons, and we will look at these in more detail here.

What clothing may I need?

Clothing purposely made for fly fishing includes shirts, jackets, trousers and waders.  These garments provide optimum comfort and keep you warm and dry so you can keep your focus on the sport.  They are always breathable and flexible, but at the same time fit securely enough to keep out water so you can enjoy your experience without the unpleasant feeling of cold and damp cutting your day short, which will happen if you do not go prepared. 

More often than not, most reputable brands offer sun protection, which is especially important as it is all too easy to forget how long you can be exposed to those harmful rays while fishing. In fact, even when it is mild there have been reported cases of sun stroke from fly fishers because you’re in the water for long periods of time so you don’t particularly feel the extent of the heat.


Fly fishing clothing has been designed to be convenient.


Fly fishing clothing also comes with more pockets and compartments than your average garments, which is useful for storing all the fly fishing equipment that you will need on your trip, and even free up space in your tackle box.  Everything you need can be at hand in one of your pockets, so you never need to hunt through your box again.

Fly fishing clothing is more durable than normal clothing.


Arguably, the most important feature of specialist clothing is its durability.  While standard clothing will wear due to the exposure to the elements that fly fishing entails, purpose made clothing is specifically made to last and withstand the harsh conditions.  Fly fishing clothing needs replacing less often, and means your normal wardrobe won’t be spoilt, so is a highly recommended addition to your fly fishing equipment.

Fly fishing is a sport that brings a great deal of enjoyment, and having the right clothing is important to ensure that this enjoyment won’t be interrupted, so it is worth investing in garments specifically made for fly fishing from specialist fly fishing shops in order to gain the most out of the sport.

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