Why a Fly Fishing Vest Can Make Your Experience Much Easier?

Posted: Nov 03 2013

Why A Fly Fishing Vest Can Make Your Experience Much Easier?


Think of a fly fisherman and you will likely think of a man in waders, a hat with some coloured flies in it and a sleeveless jacket with lots of pockets and flies attached - also known as a fly fishing vest.


So why do fly fisherman insist on this rather unfashionable get-up? Someone coming over from course fishing won't immediately understand the advantage of a fly fishing vest. If you are a course fisherman, you will be used to fishing on river banks rather than in them. This means that all your fishing tackle is in arms reach.


Essential Fly Fishing Equipment


A fly fisherman, on the other-hand, is going to likely be standing in the middle of the river or stream when he hooks a fish. Therefore, he needs all his flies, line, float-ant and net and everything else attached to his fishing vest. This way, he doesn't need to keep returning to the river bank to re-tackle. This is time-consuming and ineffective and can risk spooking the fish.


Fortunately, all good fly fishing shops like Andrew Toft Fly Fishing Equipment with stock some fantastic fly fishing vests. Getting some fly fishing tuition from an experienced certified instructor will likely also help you on how to utilise your equipment, as well as stocking your vest before venturing out in the water. You really do want to have everything fully-stocked in your fly vest so that you don't need to worry about returning to the bank.


As this is the case, it is important that you check your vest before you leave and once when you put it on as well. The first couple of times that you do this you’ll need to pay attention to it, but once you go a few times you’ll start to notice if something is missing.


Fly Fishing For Beginners


Any good 'how to fly fish' book, video in general will teach you about the importance of a well-stocked and organised vest as an essential tool for the serious fly fisherman. In fact, even amateur fisherman should seriously consider a fly fishing vest because it just makes the sport more enjoyable.


Fly fishing vests come in a variety of styles.

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