The use of video applications Ubersense and Slow-pro for fly fishing lessons

Posted: Feb 10 2014

The use of video applications UberSense and Slow-Pro for fly fishing lessons.
As a teacher with years of experience in fly fishing and as a previous world champion fly-caster, I have made sure that I’ve explored all the latest techniques when it comes to coaching.
Existing techniques can and have quickly become obsolete in this field, and I noticed that many fly fishing instructors are not currently taking advantage of some of the major developments in coaching technology that has certainty made my fly fishing lessons much easier.

The use of Ubersense and Slow-Pro for Fly Fishing Tuition

Now, I use my iPad with the applications Ubersense and Slow-Pro during almost all my fly fishing lessons if requested by the student. Both applications allow me to take advantage of recent developments with coaching technology to make fly fishing tuition much easier.

The use of Ubersense

Ubersense is a specialist video analysis and sports coaching application that is used across a number of different sports. However, it is almost always used to help improve technique, regardless of the sport. Golf coaches use the application to analyse swing, while tennis coaches use the application to analyse how their students swing the racket.
I specifically use Ubersense for Spey casting instruction and fly fishing tuition. I now feel that these applications allow me to coach to the best of my ability. The application allows me to video students, and then slow down the footage to as much as an eighth of the original speed, so I can show them where they need to improve their technique. Once I have established where the issue lies, I take the time to work on specific elements of hand movements or the Spey casting technique.
This application has been featured in Time Magazine and Golf Digest among other highly ranked publications. It’s essentially the best out there for all different sports, including fly fishing.

The use of Slow Pro

Slow pro allows me to slow any video that I capture of my students down to super slow motion. I can then analyse every movement made to the finest detail. The application makes video analysis much easier and allows me to identify the exact points that need working on.


I have been using these applications to improve students fly fishing skills, and I have had some fantastic results. Since starting with use them, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the skill range of my students as the ability to analyse every micro-second of their fly fishing lessons makes coaching much easier.
I can now pick up on incorrect hand movements that have been affecting Spey casting techniques much easier than ever before, which allows for quicker Spey casting fault identification.
Furthermore, the applications allow me to show my students videos of Spey casting movements so that they can see what I feel to be the perfect technique in slow motion, which has significantly improved learning times, in my opinion.
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