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Andrew Toft  


Spey-Casting lessons near Glasgow with Andrew Toft. Andrew provides fly fishing lessons throughout Central Scotland including Stirling and Edinburgh. Andrew is part of the Mackenzie Fly Fishing design team and qualified as an FFF & Aapgai Master level casting instructor. He is well known for his friendly and relaxed approach and particularly efficient form of Casting techniques and teaching methods. He has also helped many individuals successfully fine tune their skills effectively and progress to then become single handed or double handed fly casting instructors.This is done through a structured mentoring program of teaching for organisations like Aapgai and FFF. Andrew was taught by legendary caster Peter Anderson, who is considered to be one of the finest fly casting instructors in Scotland in both single and double handed techniques. Having tuition from a qualified instructor is a personal investment as you will benefit from improved technique and understanding. It is essential to have a good foundation of knowledge and understanding so that progress can be made correctly.

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Andrew teaches the following Spey casts to a highly proficient standard from beginners to advanced techniques.


  • The Roll Cast
  • The Jump Roll
  • The Single Spey
  • The Double Spey
  • The Snake Roll
  • The Snap T & C cast
  • Andrew is known for being able to identify the smallest details and common faults and provide easy but highly effective solutions. 


Andrew is one of only a few Single handed master certified instructors in Scotland and is based in the Glasgow and Stirling area. Single fly fishing lessons can be arranged for group tuition or one a one to one basis.



         Andrew Toft 



If you would like more details on Andrew's Fly Casting Courses please let us know.