New Phased 5 Density Lines


The New Mackenzie Phased 5 Density Lines 


Phased density 5 System


New G3 Shooting Heads have been carefully revised and produced with our new signature low stretch core to further compliment the DTX range of rods. The reduction in stretch combined with the supple but durable polyurethane coating is highly efficient and translating energy throughout the line profile. The lines are available in different weights and densities including our unique phased density 5 system.





Available in :


Float/ sink 1,        Float, Hover, Neutral density, Intermediate, Sink 1

Float / Sink 2         Float, Neutral density,  Intermediate, Sink 1, Sink 2

Float / Sink 4         Float, Intermediate, Sink 1, Sink 2, Sink 4  

Intermediate/ Sink 6    Intermediate, Sink 1, Sink 2, Sink4, Sink 6 


Phased density 5 shooting heads


Innovations in line design and technology have come a long way in recent times. At Mackenzie DTX we always strive to produce the most efficient coatings and profiles to maximise the performance characteristics of every line we produce. Our latest models are the new Mackenzie Phased Density 5 Shooting head system. Each portion of the line has been precisely calculated during design and manufacture to provide the most fluid transition of density while retaining maximum casting efficiency. Every section of the new line profile descends progressively at the perfect angle and trajectory.

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