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Mackenzie Fly Fishing products started life as a means to provide the best performing Fly Fishing products available. Our aim, to design the very best equipment without compromise has led to many award winning new products which are currently used by Pro Guides and anglers from many far flung destinations around the World. Each and every product receives rigorous testing and attention to detail throughout development. Innovation and passion combined with a wealth of experience is the key to our success. The ethos at Mackenzie Fly Fishing is to extract and develop every possible advantage from modern day manufacturing technology and materials to enhance our product range. That is why Graphene is the perfect new material for crafting our next generation of high tech performance fly rods.



Graphene FX1 Trout & Salmon Fly Rods



Did I mention without compromise?


Mackenzie Fly Fishing was the first company to construct a Double handed Salmon Fly rod using the Nobel Prize winning material “Graphene”. Our motivation was to design and manufacture the extra special FX1. The rod has many new and unique construction characteristics. Graphene is about 100 times stronger than the strongest steel and 15 times stronger than a diamond. This gives the new rod outstanding strength and durability unmatched by previous carbon technologies. A single gram of graphene, 1 atom thick, could cover a full football pitch. The technological advance means the FX1 is extremely durable and won’t soften or lose performance over time.

You really have to cast a new FX 1 to appreciate it, when paired up with one of our Mackenzie lines it performs in a league of its own. Smooth transition of power and balance throughout the blank with ultra-fast recovery speed and excellent dampening. In order to maximise power in the rod it has to work as a unit and flex progressively. The introduction of Graphene has allowed us to create a completely balanced rod blank which still flexes progressively into a powerful curve.

The FX1 Salmon rods are available in 13, 14, & 15ft- each rod is constructed using only the best components available i.e. Titanium stripper guides, Titanium snake eyes and a custom made Alps reel seat with a high quality Portuguese cork handle outfit the blank to the highest standards.

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