Choosing a casting Instructor




If you are new to Spey Casting then choosing the right instructor is very important, make sure it is from someone who can Cast and teach equally well. Unfortunately qualifications aren’t any fail safe guarantee that you will be taught good technique. I have been fortunate enough to have gained knowledge and input from a few of the best Casters the world and I can say that although they all have their own signature details and technique, they all share similar opinions and fundamental skills. Do a bit of research before you choose an instructor or mentor to invest your time and money in. There are individuals who are very good at writing and are relentless in self-promotion with continual use of key words like master, champion etc. relating  particular qualifications or achievements that they have never obtained. Often their skills and teaching methods do not match their claimed credentials and leave a lot to be desired to say the least. I say this only as advice as I have witnessed this on many occasions and standards and integrity is something that I care about a great deal.



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