Why it is important to take Spey Casting Instruction or Fly Casting Lessons

Posted: May 28 2014

Why it is important to have fly fishing lessons or Spey casting instruction?

If you have ever tried Spey casting or fly fishing, you will understand that getting it right is essentially neigh on impossible without instruction. Many learners find it difficult as they do not have the underlying knowledge to improve.

Right from the correct assembly of your fly fishing equipment and even the materials that you use, everything needs to be understood if you want to get it right. As this is the case, it is imperative that you seek instruction. In this short guide, we will explore some of the benefits of fly fishing lessons or Spey casting instruction with me, Andrew Toft. I will make sure you are using your fly fishing equipment efficiently

One of the things that will determine your success on the water is how well you use the equipment that you have. With the right instruction, correct use of your fly fishing equipment will be second nature in no time. Indeed, some of the equipment can be complicated depending on exactly what you are using. However, with years of experience behind me, I understand what equipment is most suited for the best possible results.

While having the right equipment is important, understanding it, in my opinion, carries far more weight. All equipment is different for a reason because it has been designed to suit various people and fishing situations. Therefore, getting it wrong could very well leave you at a disadvantage before you have even set off. I teach you the fundamental principles of Spey casting

Spey casting is not an ordinary technique that one can master without instruction. There are fundamental principles that determine every step, and unless you have a good understanding of these principles, your chances of getting good are small.

It is more than likely the main reason you originally looked to seek instruction is because you want to be able to catch fish in a more effectively or cast more efficiently. The only thing that will ultimately save you from frustration is a set of instructions and exercises that you can learn and master over time.

 I will ensure that you learn as much as possible in the time that we have together. We will start by learning the fundamentals of fly casting before moving onto technique and other points. I teach you how to identify and correct common faults

Another benefit of fly fishing instruction is that I can tell you where your faults are and how to fix them. Developing faults happens all the time, either because of poor equipment or because of bad habits, but they can be broken. The more you fish the quicker you will be able to identify your issues. However, not having any knowledge at all will make it impossible to identify and correct your errors – why – well you won’t know what you are doing anything wrong!

Instead of getting downhearted, turn your negatives into something that motivates you. In our lesson, I will identify your faults so that you can fix them. I will also teach you how to identify your own issues. Faults will occur, but it is important that you know how to fix them or at the very least, the techniques that can help you improve. Some of the faults can be minor while others may require advanced knowledge to fix. When you have the knowledge of how everything works, you can identify the issue and edit to fix it. In fact, you will be surprised to the ease with which you will be able to do this and progress.


Learning the fundamentals of how to fly fish from a professional will ultimately make your experiences on the water much more enjoyable. However, before you even consider fly fishing tuition or Spey casting instruction, it is imperative that you understand the potential benefits you may receive. As you may have seen from the site, I have years of experience tutoring people of all different experiences.

If you have any questions about my services, prices or anything else that I offer, make sure you take the time to contact me.

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