Technical clothing fabrics

The Field and Fish 3-layer technical clothing system, optimal use of technical materials:



To maximise body comfort during sporting activities, we apply the 3-layer clothing principle. To ensure effective wicking of moisture, the three layers must be made from technical fibre material : for example, there is no point in wearing a breathable outer layer if you wear a cotton T-shirt or vest next to your skin, which will retain moisture. The three layers regulate your body heat and perspiration during hard efforts while providing effective protection against the elements.


The first layer in contact with the skin transfers moisture:

This first layer wicks away the moisture from perspiration thanks to the design of the synthetic fibres, thereby keeping the skin dry and preventing you from feeling cold. For this first layer to fulfil its role optimally, the second and third layers must also be made from fully breathable fabric.

 The intermediate layer:

This layer keeps the body warm by retaining body heat and insulating it from the cold, while at the same time transferring moisture to the exterior


 The outer layer:

Arguably the most important layer, the his layer protects you from the elements by keeping out rain and wind to preserve body heat, while evacuating the moisture transferred by the first two layers to the exterior.



Three layer fly fishing clothing

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